Smart road system CROSS 1 (Smart crosswalk)

CROSS 1 is the AI based system of pedestrian tracking and governing the road infrastructure. 

CROSS 1 governs both regulated (with traffic lights) and non-regulated (no traffic lights) crosswalks.

CROSS 1 optimises the passability by 60% and lowers accidents rate by 95%!



CROSS 1 advantages

Activates by pedestrians only
Computer vision ensures that only pedestrian are tracked, eliminating cases of animals leading to misdetections
It builds the sense of trust in the system for both pedestrians and drivers!
“Stacking” pedestrian groups
The system can accumulate pedestrians into groups to reduce the waiting time for vehicles during rush hours.
It increases passability when it matters most!
Passage time adjustment
Computer vision differentiates types of pedestrians (like kids, blind or disabled persons) to ensure they have enough time to cross the road.
It makes the crosswalk safe and convenient for those who need care and attention!
Accounting for weather
Weather and surface analysis ensures the most precise forecast of crossing time.
It makes the system the most precise and adaptable solution!


CROSS 1 is a part of SMART CITY project governed by Ministry of Construction of Russian Federation.

CROSS 1 is the only solution using the described technology to get approved under SMART CITY project



How much does CROSS 1 cost?
The price may vary due to construction and installation costs! Please feel free to send you inquiry to for detailed calculation.
What LED elements are included in the system?
CROSS 1 can govern any modern LED based equipment or traffic light. If the crosswalk currently has no equipment we provide zebra projectors.
What is the temperature range?
CROSS 1 works in between -40C to +50C
Is it possible to integrate the video from cameras in local cctv network?
Yes! We provide this service.